Frameless Glass


Our stunning Frameless Glass Fencing solutions achieve outstanding aesthetic results and provide the ultimate in protection for your family.  Utilising spigots and Grade A toughened glass to maintain a clear visual of your pool and beyond. By elevating the glass through use of stainless steel or anodised aluminium spigots it allows water and debris to flow freely underneath.

Essential Information:
  • 3 year glass warranty offered on all standard panels (conditions apply)
  • Glass panels up to 2000mm in length
  • Core drilled or based plated options available for affixing  to concrete, timber or steel
  • Utilises 12 mm Grade A toughen safety glass for maximum strength
  • 8mm and 12mm glass gate options
  • All the glass is certified to Australian standards.
  • Two types of certified and load tested spigots to choose from both available in round and square. 
  • Aluminium – gives a very hard long lasting surface
    • Does not have issues such as tea staining
    • Square profile with a polished or stain finish
  • Stainless Steel   - Premium grade low carbon 316 grade marine grade stainless steel
    • Spigots made from a solid bar ensuring maximum strength   
    • Square or round profile with a polished or stain finish