Glass restoration and protection

OKE Pool Fencing & Balustrades provides a specialised surface-protective coating solution for all outdoor and indoor surfaces, including pool fencing and showers.

Why surface protect your pool fencing?

  • Keeps all your glass pool fencing looking brand new
  • Untreated glass is porous - contaminants and pollution will cause deterioration and discolouration over time
  • If glass etches and corrodes it will make cleaning your pool fencing more regular and difficult
  • Lifetime warranty —protect your investment for a lifetime
  • A once only Oke Glass Protection application makes dirt and grime easier to clean, reducing cleaning time by up to 90%!

Glass Protection

OKE Pool Fencing & Balustrades’s Advanced Surface Treatment can protect all your new glass surfaces from stains and corrosion with its unique permanent protective coating. We are the only pool fence company in Australia to offer this glass treatment.

Invisible to the human eye, our water and oil repelling (hydrophobic and oliophobic) coating repels residues away from the glass surface, allowing them to sit on the outside of the coating instead.

This creates an easy to clean surface, just like a non-stick frying pan.

Glass Restoration

Gleaming clear glass improves the aesthetics of a room or building and also the value of your property. Glass restoration is a simple and cost effective alternative to installing new glass!

Glass restoration will remove up to 95% of water staining leaving your glass looking brand new. You will significantly prolong the life of your existing glass plus cut your cleaning time by up to 90%.