Pool Fence Permits

To be in accordance with pool fence regulation AS 1926 Part 1 & 2, Melbourne residents must ensure that any structure containing water that has a depth of more than 300mm, and is used primarily for swimming, wading, or paddling, has a safety barrier installed. OKE Pool Fencing & Balustrades has a team of professionals dedicated to upholding pool fencing regulations in Melbourne for all our customers. Our simple process highlights the steps taken to ensure that every customer's swimming pool or spa meets Melbourne's pool fencing requirements.


The Simple Process:

1Obtain Quote

Obtain a quote for a Building Permit ‘Installation of Pool Safety Barrier’.

2Quote Accepted

If the quote is accepted, we will complete an Application Form, Letter of Appointment and Title Search and detailed Site Plan containing all the required information.


We will submit all documents for assessment and respond to any requests for additional information as required


We will liaise with the building surveyor and relevant local government authorities, including the completion of additional paperwork as required; Planning Permits, Endorsed Document request etc.

5Permit Issue

Once your permit is issued, you will receive an invoice based on your permit application and quote. Upon payment we will supply you with all the relevant documents and confirm your install date.


OKE will then construct your safety barrier in accordance with the approved plans and AS 1926 Parts 1 & 2.


We will contact the surveyor to arrange the mandatory inspection


The inspector will examine the fence to certify it is in accordance with pool fencing regulations in Melbourne. 


Once the inspection is complete, the pool safety barrier will have met all Victorian safety requirements.