Pool Fence Repairs Melbourne

Drowning is one of the leading causes of death for Australian children under the age of five. If you decide not to have periodic pool fence maintenance, you could be putting your family and friends at risk. As a homeowner, you are responsible for ensuring that you get the necessary spa or swimming pool fencing repairs Melbourne homes are required to have, and that those safety barriers are well maintained by professional technicians.

The Victorian Building Commission recommends you have your pool, spa, and safety barrier inspected by a registered building surveyor or building inspector a minimum of every three years. 

Our extensive knowledge and experience in all types of pool fencing services gives OKE Pool Fencing an intricate understanding of the problems that pool or spa owners can face, and the expertise to provide the highest quality pool fence repairs Melbourne homeowners could get. We use this expertise to ensure your existing pool barrier is compliant with Victorian safety requirements when we conduct pool fence maintenance and repairs.

Our Process:

1Organise a compliance inspection for maintenance of all existing Melbourne swimming pools and spa fences .
2Have the pool safety inspections conducted by a registered building inspector.
3Provide you with a certificate on the day if your pool/spa barrier is compliant with Victoria’s regulations on pool fencing.
4Provide a detailed report, including photos of what will need to be addressed in order for your pool barrier to be compliant.
5Provide a quote for the repair of the non-compliance issues.
6Promptly conduct a professional pool fence repair in Melbourne, as well as organise your re-inspection, and the issuing of a compliance statement.