Temporary Pool Fencing Melbourne

During construction, temporary swimming pool fencing is required by law in order to prevent children from accessing the pool or spa.

When you deal with OKE Pool Fencing & Balustrades, you'll get excellent customer service, as well as the best quality temporary pool fencing Melbourne has to offer. We guarantee a quick response and delivery-time, matched with high quality installation. We make it a priority to orchestrate a smooth transition between temporary pool fencing and permanent pool fencing (we can remove the temporary pool fence the same day we install the permanent pool fence). 

OKE Pool Fencing provides the delivery, installation, dismantlement, and removal of our temporary pool fences in Melbourne at highly competitive rates. In fact, we include one self-closing gate free of charge and our unique ‘FENCING BUNDLE BONUS’ offers considerable savings. You can guarantee peace of mind with OKE Pool Fencing's responsive service, and custom-sized Melbourne temporary pool fencing.

Outstanding Features:

• Panels that are 1200mm high with openings no greater than 100mm.
• No climbing points closer than 900mm.
• Consistent gap under your fence of no more than 100mm.
• Integrated self-closing gates with latches a minimum of 1500mm from ground.
• Like-new condition.
• Sturdy structure and strong assembly.

Common Questions:

Do I need a temporary pool/spa barrier?
When constructing or renovating a pool, Australian standards make it very clear that all pools must have temporary pool fencing at all times during construction.

When do I need a temporary pool/spa barrier?
If the new pool contains more than 300mm (30cm) of water it is categorised as a functioning pool. This can include rainwater accumulation that occurs during construction. Temporary fencing is required for all functioning pools; even though the pool isn’t finished, Australian and Victorian law requires a temporary barrier be placed around it.

Do temporary fences have a lower quality than permanent fences?
OKE follows strict quality control procedures to ensure we only stock the highest caliber temporary swimming pool fences in Melbourne, providing peace of mind as well as safety. Swimming pools and spas need specialised temporary fencing in order to comply with government regulations. OKE Pool Fencing & Balustrades temporary pool fencing panels have been specifically designed and manufactured in accordance with Australian Standard AS 1926.1-2012 Swimming Pool Safety, Part 1: "Safety barriers for swimming pools".